Terms and conditions

Iranian Investment Opportunities Club

To be a permanent member of any of the three clubs, you must:

  • Achieving member financial capacity in the amount of more than 1000 billion Tomans
  • Receive a club badge (a BMB gold bar) by inserting your own membership code
  • Annual membership fee


Club services to members:

1- Providing special investment opportunities to members

2 – Working breakfast guest every day with one of the 6 club managers and also meeting with investor counterparts in working breakfasts

3 – Free attendance at the annual seminar with a future research approach to investment and related topics

4 – The possibility of benefiting from the financial power, currency and currency code of the club

5 – Free visit of permanent members to the internal and external investment opportunities of the club

6 – Invitation to the club’s exclusive auction gallery

7- Possibility of free benefits for members and their families from health time sharing

To be an honorary member of the club, you must:

  • Have a collection that can provide special services to permanent members.
  • Annual membership fee


                              Club service to honorary members

  1. Introduce your services to permanent members
  2. Introduce investment opportunities that have level 2 access
  3. Free attendance at the club’s annual futures research seminar with permanent members
  4. Invitation to the third day of the club’s annual events
  5. Benefit from financial and foreign exchange portfolio facilities