“If you do not build your future, others will build it for you as they wish.”

Throughout history and everywhere in the world, clubs have always followed an existential philosophy and supported their members. This club is no exception to this rule and its philosophy is based on the famous scenario of Gulliver’s world futurism in the desired future. Designed below.

Iranian Investment Opportunities Club consists of limited permanent members (only 3000 members) who due to the nature of their club investment should have the ability to invest more than 1000 billion tomans.

After achieving the financial ability of the applicant (real or legal), he can receive an identification code (permanent or honorary) in one of the 3 titles of the club (BMB) which are introduced as follows, in which the permanent members by obtaining the badge In particular, they will both improve their level of activity and benefit from a more complete level of the club’s nine services than the honorary members.

Types of clubs and their benefits

1- Brand Investors Club

The formation of this club is the result of Zaibatsu’s futurist scenario (brands in this world define borders).

The club has the ability to merge a network such as the economic culture of the Japanese Kairatso, which creates an iron dome for all members and their companies to benefit from unreasonable intra-network investment opportunities in addition to a dynamic economy.

This club is for companies and brands that have capital over thousands of billions of tomans or are supported by their credits in banks. They benefit from supporting each other and controlling economic shocks by creating an interbrand network.


2- Lady Investors Club (Madam)

The club is based on the myth of the “wise woman” because women have always been the economic and capital untying factor based on their attitudes from the past.

These silent capitalists can now see the growth and reflection of their capital through the “Supply Month Network” with the support of the Financing Fund, and have a brighter presence in the field of entrepreneurship and the capital market.


3- Real Estate Investors Club (Building)

The construction and housing industry, with a 30% share of the country’s fixed capital, has a high capacity of national wealth and income, and has attracted capitalists from every guild.

Finally, the Real Estate Investors Club, by creating the infrastructure of the “Star Brokerage Network”, makes it possible to help invest and raise capital in various ways, such as introducing special properties, and also facilitates buying and selling ( Rials – currency – cryptocurrency, etc.) with attractive methods such as annual real estate events and the Dutch and English seasonal auction gallery of Alton International Company.